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Preparing Hosting for your Website

In this free mini course, I teach you how to setup hosting correctly before you do anything else for your website.

Hosting is the foundations of your online business. I’ve learnt the hard way how important it is to get your hosting right from the start.

I also teach you what to look for in a hosting company and show you step-by-step how to get setup with one of the most recommended hosting companies, SiteGround.

Getting into your clients shoes

Deep understanding of your ideal client will enable you to better reach out to them and have them take notice of you.

Far too many people brush over creating an ideal client too easily. Without really knowing these deep insights, you are “best guessing” how to communicate and even run your coaching business.

Download your worksheet and get reaching more people!

Understanding your ideal client

A customer focused business will keep customers coming and returning to you.

You have to meet the needs, wants and desires of customers and clients. But many people do not dig deep into understanding exactly what those needs, wants and desires are.

Use the customer avatar online form to answer questions about your ideal customer and get a deeper understanding.

Process Mapping by Lexi Media

Understanding the customer online journey

Mapping out your customer journey will help you understand and better manage your online platforms.

You’ll be able to remember the processes you put in place easier as well as finding dead-ends that would leave your customer looking for an exit.

Find out how to create a customer map and the steps you’d likely want to include to keep them coming to you.

Top 10 platforms and plugins

There’s a vast amount of platforms and plugins you can utilise for your online business… which is great!

Except when you have to trawl through to find out which are the good ones and which aren’t! It can be time consuming, costly and extremely frustrating.

That’s why I’ve put together this list to share with you my preferred platforms and plugins for specific tasks. I’ve done the most of the hard work for you! So this list points you towards the strong contenders.